18 April 2017

Earning Money through Surveys

If you are from the Philippines, then you have the opportunity to make money by taking online surveys. Companies are always looking for people to help them do market research.

They need help figuring out if Filipinos will like a certain commercial or product, so they send out surveys which they will pay you to take. To make it easier for you to participate, I collected the top 10 best companies to take surveys through in the Philippines.

I'm just a new member of each of these sites so all the info is just based on my own experience so far. I will still recommend that you check other reviews about them. Here are my short reviews. 

Here are the top 10 survey companies in the Philippines

1. SpiderMetrix

Spidermetrix have been designed to be a fun page where there are a lot of short surveys. You just have to gather 300 points to cash out $50.00. They pay via Paypal or Payza

2. The Panel Station

This site is one of the most interesting survey sites I have joined so far. They can deliver surveys in Tagalog language though you can set it to any language if you wanted to. Initial surveys are being sent every other day to complete your profile where you can earn as much as half of the redeemable points. You can start redeeming once you already have 3000 points. 

3. PaidView Point

If you have a big circle of friends, PaidViewPoint is gonna be your best friend. With a referral incentive of $25.00 per referral, this site is sure a minefield. You may also receive 20% of your referral's earning once you manage to invite a hundred of them. So gather all of your clan and join the survey. 

4. Viewpointpanel

Viewpoints Forum is another good paid survey sites. They send about  3 – 4 surveys per month and qualifying is quite easy. Their topics of choice will surely interest you. Have fun answering their questions and earn at the same time. 

5. Ipanel PH

This site is considered as one of the most trusted survey sites in the Asia Pacific region. They provide surveys regularly and they pay as fast as 24 hours. 

6. QuestMindShare

A site that offer you to fill surveys ; after completing your profile, you will naturally receive surveys.
Questmindshare undertakes to send you 6 surveys by months. Compensation is euro, from 0.50 to 3 euros, as soon as you finish a survey, the money will be on your account.

7. Vindale

Vindale is the most active survey in my inbox where surveys are sent almost every day. However, the surveys only have limited slots so if you're an hour late, you might not be able to participate anymore. 

8. Mindscoperesearch

This survey company do not have an actual homepage so many may overlook or doubt about their legitimacy. However, this is also the first survey company who provided me a payout through a Php 100.00 prepaid load in just 1 survey. How cool is that, eh?

9. CashCrate

Cashcrate is a site where you cannot only join surveys but you can also join other activities to earn money. few of them are earning by downloading apps in your devices, watching videos or doing some research jobs through their affiliate sites. Check them out for more.

10. Toluna

This site is one of the most popular survey sites and of the biggest having a community of 9 million users. Join them now to know what makes them stay and earn at the same time.

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