NameLinkClaim TimeClaim AmountMinimum WithdrawalWithdraw Via
FreebitcoinJoin Here60 Minutes19 to 1300 Satoshis30,000 SATDirect
FreedogecoinJoin Here60 Minutes0.12- 0.24 Doge33 DogeDirect
CointiplyJoin Here60 Minutes18 - 65 Coins
(they have their own variation)
35,000 CoinsDirect, Faucethub, Doge
BTC ShortenerJoin HereNoneShortener (varies per CPM)$5.00 worthFaucethub
MoonBitcoinJoin Here5 Minutes5 - 200 satoshis25,000 SatoshisDirect, Faucethub, Xapo
(via Coinpot)
MoonDogecoinJoin Here5 Minutes0.5 - 2.00 Doge50 DogeDirect, Faucethub
(via Coinpot)
MoonLitecoinJoin Here5 Minutes150-2,000 Litoshis200,000 LitoshisDirect, Faucethub
(via Coinpot)
MoonDashcoinJoin Here5 Minutes75-1000 Dashies10,000 DashiesDirect, Faucethub
(via Coinpot)
MoonCashJoin Here5 Minutes30-300 satoshis10,000 CashiesDirect, Faucethub
(via Coinpot)
BitfunJoin Here5 Minutes5 - 200 satoshisDirect to CoinpotDirect, Faucethub
(via Coinpot)
BonusBitcoinJoin Here5 Minutes19-5,000 satoshisDirect to CoinpotDirect, Faucethub, Xapo
(via Coinpot)
Litecoin FaucetJoin Here60 Minutes390 - 2.5M LitoshisNo MinimumFaucethub
Dash FaucetJoin here60 Minutes100 1 1M DashNo MInimumFaucethub
Ethereum FaucetJoin Here60 Minutes130 - 700,000 GweiNo MInimumFaucethub
CoinfaucetJoin here60 Minutes0.0004347 to 434.7141381 XRP1 XRPAny XRP Wallet
Free NEMJoin here60 Minutes0.00096 to 961 XEM1 XEMAny NEM/XEM wallet

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